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Simple Bread Pizza

by - Thursday, June 02, 2016

Before, macam plan pulak one entry per month padahal tak pun. And now totally dengan in mood layan blog kena la rajin keep the momentum supaya lama sikit bertahan. Selalu mula-mula konon semangat nak update blog sekali bila dah dekat new post page tu suddenly the mood dah hilang and otak blank terus la tak jadi apa.

Today nak cerita pasal food. Again. Obvious kan hidup aku ni involve food, kpop, kdrama je. Semua update lebih menjurus pada those topics.

Bila kau suddenly craving pizza time tengah takde duit. Bila kau lapar but doesn't feel like having very heavy food. Bila kau tak berapa pandai masak tapi nak try jugak. Bila kau nak something simple and cepat masak.

I totally suggest you to give this recipe a try if you somehow fit into above category.

processed cheese
tomato paste
frozen food

Senang sangat. Main campak je apa yang kau nak atas roti tu then bakar in around 10minutes at 180°C.

My version;

Saute onions and pepper with butter then campak sosej. Sapu roti dengan tomato paste, letak cheese, onions, cili, sosej, tomato sikit. Bakar and pufff they are done and ready to indulge.   


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2 respond

  1. Kdg2 yg simple2 tu yg sedap.... Cikla bls kunjungan awk..

    1. betul betul betul. hehe terima kasih :)