It is already February but I think it is never too late to know how many items have I checked off on my 2017 Bucket List?

Solo Trip

Okay this is a little bit hard. I do not literally had a solo trip last year but..

I actually went to SHINee Kyocera Dome Osaka Concert all by myself without knowing the language. I could not even read the ticket hahaha. All I know is konichiwa and arigatou gozaimas. I literally line up for hours not knowing that it was the wrong line. At the end of the line when the staff ask for membercard, then I realized that it is line for SHINee World Japan Member Special Merchandise *facepalm*

Let me just count that as a solo trip. And when Jonghyun's tragedy happened, I felt lucky at least I managed to see him perform on SHINee's concert live.

always missing you

Own New Gadgets

By the end of 2017, I do have new phone and laptop. I truly did not expect that but thankful that somehow i managed to get them myself. And guess what?! Currently my camera had a lens problem hmmm seems so fishy like they really know when to dysfunction themselves.

Adventurous Activities

I went to Escape Park, Penang and managed to do the free fall. And cross Universal Studio Japan off my must go theme park list. Currently still wondering where to go for this year's #projectthemepark?

Overcome Obesity

I manage to lose some kilos and escape the obesity range. Can proudly say that I am overweight now. This year I'm trying to be close to normal BMI. It is very hard, I'm not willing to give up my love for food just yet but nothing is impossible right?

Blood Donation

Finally got to know what actually my blood type is. B!
It was really scary since I'm not really fond with all related to blood and needles but since it is for a good cause, I had to do this. Turn out it is not bad at all. Sakit kebas sikit je, bearable. Ni for first timer penakut la. Kalau yang takde masalah or dah biasa, langsung tak rasa apa-apa. Now i'm aiming to donate every year.

Just realized that I actually checked all my 2017 bucket list! Yeehaaaaaa!

I could say that 2017 is the year that I learn to make my own decision and take responsibility. Guess that's an early stage of adulthood. To a brighter year ahead!