Just realized my last post here is on Feb 2021, exactly a year ago. 

I received some email recording the blog baru la teringat this safe space of mine. 

Fast forward setahun kemudian, we still fighting COVID19 virus. Dah lebih 2 tahun so I guess it is our new normal. Face mask, social distancing, doing things remotely is our way of live now. Now we are facing a new Omicron variant with higher infection rates so cases are back to 10k daily. Sigh.

But we have vaccine now! I have received mine, siap need a booster shot cause the virus keep on mutated. Dah boleh keluar negera with strict SOP need to follow. We are slowly back on track, takde la hanya terkurung sebab vaccine reduce severity, alhamdulillah.


As for my life, this year goal is to take better care of my self in all aspect: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. I hope you are working on your own goal too. May Allah ease everything for us.