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Where to get #88LOVELIFE in Malaysia?

by - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Siapapun yang minat fashion and suka baca blog mesti pernah come over to her blog. Her style is so unique, bubbly and bright. Siapa lagi kalau bukan Diana Rikasari! Sekarang dia dah jadi best-seller author pulak.

Buku pink popular dia called #88LOVELIFE. It is a book that full with positive and inspiring words written by Diana Rikasari with quirky illustrations by Dinda Puspitasari  Boleh dapat kat kedai buku gramed all over Indonesia but

Mana nak dapat #88LOVELIFE kat Malaysia ??

Ehem i'm here to announce that i'm selling the book! Yeayyyy. Now dah senang dah all Malaysians senang dah nak dapat the book. Really recommend for those yang tak berapa gemar membaca sebab simple word tak panjang lebar sangat tambah pulak really interesting graphics so tak macam boring typical motivational book lain. Kalau orang yang memang suka buku tu memang akan love this 88kaliganda haha.

So anyone nak the book come and reach me here

Yang ada kat area Sentul or Gombak or Cyberjaya lagi syok ah boleh COD je. Kita meet up memana lagi cepat la korang dapat rasa keawesomean buku ni.

k peeps that's all for today. till next time xoxo

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