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I Got to Attend One of the SHINee's Dome Tour Concert!

by - Thursday, September 28, 2017


I would remember 23 September 2017 forever. Felt extra special cause it is Kibum's 26th birthday!

This is a dream come true! Although it is only four of them there, it is totally fine for me.

Emm who am i kidding, I cried as soon as they started singing. And continue crying every single time I heard Onew's voice.

I still can't believe this is actually happening! But it did! A very very very happy shawol over here!

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6 respond

  1. wah memang minat sungguh ye. hehehe.unforgettable moment tu. :D

  2. minat sangat tapi dorang jarang datang malaysia tu yg extra excited bila akhirnya dapat attend their concert.

  3. How did you secure the ticket? Sangat jealous dengan orang yang pergi K-idol concerts dekat Korea. hehe :D

  4. I got lucky kot sebab jumpa ada yang jual her friend's ticket kat twitter hehe. Kalau bebetul nak secure rasanya kena follow local fanbase update, some do take order belikan tiket :)

  5. Bestnyaaaaaaa! Oh ya ke? Never know about that. Bet they charge hefty amount for the order. But then, most of the times, I find ticket scalpers je.

  6. Wah bestnya. Akak pernah pasang niat nak tgk EXO exordium concert tapi sold out so hanya mampu berhuhuhu dalam bilik je hahah