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10 days SHINee Challenge - Day 1

by - Monday, December 24, 2012

1. First song you heard from them.

Hrrmmmm.. The very first SHINee song i've ever heard....

Stand by Me (OST Boys over Flower). If you really have read my blog rasanya dah tau kot sebab dah pernah mention dah. Beberapa kali la jugak.

Alkisahnya starts bila tengah syok melayan BOF tu tetiba dengar satu lagu best. Dah la suara orang yang nyanyi tu sedap. Makinlah membuak-buak rasa ingin tahu tu. Cari punya cari, google punya google jumpa jugak lagu tu.. Suara mendayu-dayu tu rupanya suara si Onew.

And that's how SHINee gained another fan ^-^

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