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10 days SHINee Challenge - Day 10

by - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Like finally, its DAY10!! Oh awak tak tau betapa gumbiranya beta akhirnya dapat jugak selesaikan this challenge. Punya la lama simpan benda alah ni. Perghhhh seksa betul nak habiskan walaupon sepuluh.

10. Why you love each and everyone of them :D

All of them are just lovable. Memang tak boleh tak suka lah. Hrmmm yeah definitely over-bias but what can i do?? I just LOVE each of them equally. Or maybe tak. Minho dapat lebih sikit. Siiiiiiikit je.

Onew and his kindness & carelessness.
Jonghyun and his mischievousness.
Key and his awesomeness.
Minho and his (suddenly cant think of anything to put here. brain freeze. bhahahaha.)
Taemin and his foolishness.

I need no reason to love them.

Thank you!
I luv chu!!

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