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Excuse me, Salam Lebaran

by - Monday, July 20, 2015

Weh gila teruk dah Raya baru kau reti update blog!

Maaf zahir batin dear blog, gua tengah mengembara cari pengalaman kat alam realiti maklum lah eh eh eh #realitysuckzz #takmaumoveon

Raya tahun ni paling chill actually tiap raya memang chill tapi tahun ni yang palinggggg chill sampai full picture for 1st day raya pun takde wiwiwi

So kita bagi gambar 2nd day with the help of

ha Ain meh tolong Kakdek buat #ootdraya tangkap gambar cecantiks tau nanti nak update kat insta and blog lighting kena cantik angle ke... *click* *click* 


Done. Raya tahun depan memang panjang la list mintak maap awak takpe saya perati je ni.

Have a great time spending raya with your love. Happy Raya uolls!

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