Hi all

I'm still here!!

Memang la dari dulu tak pernah serious menulis tapi now dah rasa beyond awkward. Like tak tau nak taip apa dah. Its been a while!!

Niat awal nak share something useful pastu as usual being an easily distracted person tetiba dah change direction to my life update lol

Now i already started doing internship dah cepat gila kan masa berlalu. Nowadays i started to make myself familiar kerja hadap all the codes from 9 to 6. Still questioning myself is this what you really want to do for the next 20 years??  Tup tup dah end of 2015 like eh eh cop aku baru nak start enjoy tahun ni. Final year student dah, next year masuk last sem then graduate like seriously -_________-

Still struggling in life, you know finding myself, place and stuff rupanya turn out way more difficult than i thought it would be. Really hope it would get better in time thou. All i need is patience and surround myself in positive environment.

Oh oh i heard EXO coming to Malaysia in March 2016 oh god !! yeah they have quite a strong fanbase here to do concert but..
SHINee please if you somehow magically decided you love Malaysia and want to do concert here, come when i ready financially okay sayangs. Nevermind though i'll make sure someday i'll attend your concert anywhere possible *heart*