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First Time : Using the Blogger Apps

by - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Assalamualaikum, hi!

I create this first time series to document all my noob moments. Well the first step is always the hardest. Or the funniest. Apa pun kita buat pengalaman pertama mesti tak boleh dilupakan.

Untuk yang pertama ni of course la kita beralih arah ke mobile. Sekarang ni semua on the go. People always suka benda yang help to simplify their life.

Actually the application is out there for quite a while kan tapi saya tak pernah teringin nak cuba pun sebab sentiasa prefer my darling laptop to write. Rasa macam serious sikit and boleh write properly. Oh and gambar banyak dalam laptop. 

And the apps crash on me everytime i try to attach pictures. Def not a good first impression. Buat geram je. Segala benda yang I've wrote berjela hilang camtu je sebab the apps crash before saya sempat save. They didnt have the auto save function. I wont use this apps to publish any entry kot maybe just used it as to draft bila tiba-tiba idea datang. Tu pun berguna kalau sempat save la.

Okay peeps kita sambung in sesi luahan through darling je la. Familiar, comfortable and yang penting stress free. Teehee. 

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6 respond

  1. tak pernah try yang apps. macam x puas sebab kecik je

    1. memang tak puas pun and tak berapa stabil. maybe sebab dah terbiasa besar je but normal blogger much much better.

  2. I wish Blogger could make the apps better. I mean come on, you have millions of people using your platform

  3. Sangat, Cemburu dengan pengguna wordpress. Blogger mobile apps suck terutama yang official apps punya.

  4. tulaaa still wondering why they cant make a proper working apps. haish

  5. sha pun taksuka dengan app ni hahaha buat sakit hati je