It is finally time for my Osaka trip story! Though it is a bit too late but I really need to document it here for my own future reference.

I spend days to weeks checking AirBnB app and website to find suitable place that suit our budget and have accessible location. I inquired few host, asking bunch of questions and finally found a home for us.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really find a good picture of the house so here just few I copied from the site.

There are 4 of us, and another 2 is coming a bit later. So I try dealing with Yuri, the host to get special price and fortunately she approved it.

What i love about this house?

  1. A very responsive host. Yuri promptly reply my inquiry and explain it well so I love dealing with her. She also very attentive explaining all the rules and what we need to know when in town. Too bad I did not get to see her face to face. 
  2. Location is great, only few stations away from Dotonburi and the house is easy to find. It is also only few minutes walking distance to the closest Subway and JR Train Station. You don't really need to drag your feet and suffer too long to reach home at the end of your long day.
  3. Has a lot of rooms. There are 4 other rooms beside laundry room, dining room and living room. However there is only a shower room and a toilet so definitely need to take turns and managed time well if you are in a big group.
  4. It has a complete home essential to cater your need. You can also cook just bring your own cooking ingredient.
Overall, my experience with this house is very pleasant and i'm highly recommended it to others.


  • Always always check reviews of other tenants before booking. If the place is new or have no review, try chatting with the host to make sure that host is easy/comfortable to communicate with.
  • Do check whether the house is equipped with all the necessary thing you need. Read the house descriptions carefully and don't hesitate to ask around. 
  • You can save $27 in form of Airbnb credit when you sign up through this link HERE. It will automatic deducted from your total amount on the checkout page in the form of coupon. I used this and managed to save RM106.

Till then.