Major Dilemma

By LdyNisa - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

As I posted before, some of my laptop key is not working. To be precise, letter 3 E D C & more are the one that affected. Oh dear I am devastated as my laptop is the source of income. Without it I can't work! Here I am using external keyboard to survive. 

I'm actually thinking to buy new one once I finished study but as I still struggle financially, eventually that thought is pushed aside. Now i'm in dilemma, should I use my emergency fund to buy new laptop or should I wait and save more?

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4 respond

  1. Since you already had an alternative, why not just wait for awhile and save more.? 😀

  2. Agree :) Save more for the best laptop for you :)

  3. Thank you for the suggestion dear! Might as well have target saving amount within these few months 😊

  4. Siqah setuju dengan Anis dan Hanis =) Tunggu dan save more. Nanti terus beli laptop baru. Berbaloi-baloi 😊