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Get Cashback Each Time You Shop Online

by - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Siapa yang suka sangat online shopping memang wajib ada ShopBack account! Ni bukan lah sponsored post, cuma suka nak share benda best yang boleh mendapatkan keuntungan kat semua ni. Now we can earn sikit dari perangai shopaholic kita tu instead of just spending money.

Because they offer cashback each time you shop online. Maknanya tiap kali shopping dapat sikit balik ke kita. If we are not using this, we still spend the same amount of money to shop kan why not gain a litle bit extra.


Merchants rewards ShopBack then they share it with us! Point kat sini, kena get redirected to merchant store from ShopBack site. They are growing so dah makin banyak merchant join. Then kadang-kadang waktu sales ada kasi certain promo code atau vouchers atau cashback% bertambah. Kena la ambil kesempatan time tu.

I do check several other cashback site and yes, ShopBack offer their user paling tinggi % cashback. Merchant mostly sama je.

This some of my earning after almost a year using shopback

Dia ada both website and mobile app, tapi saya as usual suka shopping guna website lagi senang nak nampak. Mobile version site selalu kurang stabil tapi kalau uber and grab only applicable on their mobile app. Tiap satu trip dapat 20sen free oh siapa nak kasi kan.

Betul ke ni??

As normal human being mula-mula macam skeptical juga lepas tu last month like finally lepas almost 6 months tunggu tetiba some of the pending cashback dah turn to redeemable. Saya pun apa lagi cepat-cepat try to cash it out.

If you could see on the bottom right saja je lah edit letak tarikh so tau berapa lama they take to process my cashout request.

Tup tup tak sampai seminggu dah successful yeayyy ni lah buat makin happy.

Lepas dah complete semua pun dorang akan email jadi tak risau la terlepas ke apa ke.

Dan check account sendiri eh memang betul dah masuk. I'm a happy user!

Cuma kena sabar sikit je boleh tahan lama pending tu bertukar jadi redeemable. Sebab it is free and easy saya tak kesah langsung bab menunggu tu.

Be a smart online shopper and earn extra cashback okay darling. Happy shopping!

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  2. Thanks for sharing cashback offers for shopping. Keep sharing informative information. All the Best For next Post.

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