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New Year Blogging Goal

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New year come.

Currently I'm stuck in the office with my coffee. It is raining heavenly outside. Another year has gone. But routine stay the same. This blog stayed.

So for now I only have one ultimate goal.


With a beneficial content. I always have this blog post ideas in my head but somehow could not manage to fully write it out and that often frustrate me.

I've managed to update something at least once a month on 2016 and hope to be better this year. Once a week? Hope so!

I felt like my writing style has change as I move on with life. It seems matured over the years? Been a blogger since in middle school and never really deleted what I have published, not that I'm proud of it but just for the sake of memories that associate with it. It excites me to be able to read back how 15 years old me see life. And it would be great to read these again in the next 10 years where my situation would be a lot different than what it is now.

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8 respond

  1. Good luck in updating regularly..

    Agree with reading all post will makes us remember how we mature over time...

  2. Good luck in your new year blogging goal :)

    Siqah pun takde delete post lama sebab sayang nanye. At least semua post tu kalau baca balik nanti akan teringat kembali memori lama. Itu juga tujuan blogging kan :D

    Siqah follow sini. Thank you singgah blog kita :D

  3. Thank youuuu :) Kan even embarrassing post pun kita simpan even dalam draft boleh buat bahan gelakkan diri sendiri hahaha

  4. Terinspirasi pula baca sini pasal entry lama tu, nasib baik tak delete just draft je. Betul juga, merepek2 pun itulah yang kita lalui satu masa dulu. Dan juga bukti kita telah berubah kearah semakin baik.

  5. kan macam boleh nampak our writing style dah jadi lain, merepek2 tu dah makin kurang hehehe great untuk refleksi.

  6. I considered to keep old posts when I was younger, but hmmm, the way I wrote was not that good to read. I plan to regularly update a new version of my old posts.

  7. new ver of the old post is such a good idea! the memory remains but with better content. i might consider doing this hehehe