Remember that day I told you that my phone, Senah failed me?

Yup I got replacement, Kiah. Bought it using maxis one plan promo for RM1! Totally a bargain right?! So what's the catch? We need to subscribe for Maxis One Plan for min of a year. I went for the highest plan that cost me RM200/month inc gst with 25GB weekdays 25GB weekends data. I know, i'm crazy.

Since i'm planning to subscribe this, we decided to unsubscribe wifi service in the house. My sister and I were barely at home and we felt like we don't really use much of the wifi as we had enough of our own mobile data plan.

Last weekend I decided to be lazy and stayed on bed the whole day. Normally I would be able to enjoy my dose of korean drama or recent movies using the wifi but now nahhh. Suddenly I felt empty, serba salah don't know what to do. It's been awhile since I have attached myself fully to internet. I always prefer do things online thus 50GB data/month is certainly not enough.

I regret it now. But it is just tooooooo late, need to learn live without it.