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No Wifi

by - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Remember that day I told you that my phone, Senah failed me?

Yup I got replacement, Kiah. Bought it using maxis one plan promo for RM1! Totally a bargain right?! So what's the catch? We need to subscribe for Maxis One Plan for min of a year. I went for the highest plan that cost me RM200/month inc gst with 25GB weekdays 25GB weekends data. I know, i'm crazy.

Since i'm planning to subscribe this, we decided to unsubscribe wifi service in the house. My sister and I were barely at home and we felt like we don't really use much of the wifi as we had enough of our own mobile data plan.

Last weekend I decided to be lazy and stayed on bed the whole day. Normally I would be able to enjoy my dose of korean drama or recent movies using the wifi but now nahhh. Suddenly I felt empty, serba salah don't know what to do. It's been awhile since I have attached myself fully to internet. I always prefer do things online thus 50GB data/month is certainly not enough.

I regret it now. But it is just tooooooo late, need to learn live without it.

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2 respond

  1. Alaaaa.. Wifi for me sangat penting jugak walaupun data internet Siqah 40GB per month. Wifi di rumah sayang nak buang walaupun tak lah laju mana pun. Streamyx je. Hehe.

    Maybe dengan tiada wifi, Nisa boleh buat aktiviti lain. Membaca ke? =D

  2. tu lah makin rajin buat kerja rumah sikit since tak stay online for 24/7. and yes starting to pegang buku semula lepas dah lama tinggal hahaha