Been busy rushing through the datelines. After few months in this new phase of life, I discover some of major differences between the two. Sometimes I couldn't help to miss my student life but most of the time I just enjoy learning new things informally every single day.


I know that the responsibility will be changed but I just didn't realize how big it is. Maybe I thought too lightly on this. When you're a student, you are still relying to the parents. A LOT. Now as I am all on my own, I really felt the big responsible and more conscious of my action as this effect directly to the future. No more wake up late, no more ponteng, no more procrastinate, no more late submission. Oh you still can do all those things just prepare to face the consequences; get warning, losing your job and be blacklisted. Your choice.


Oh dear I was so wrong when I thought I will be financially stable right after I secure the job. Everything does not come in a bling of eye. It takes time. After calculating all the commitment I somehow left with just a small amount of spend on things I want. Now I'm learning to prioritize things, needs before wants, that's the most important. If not you will find yourself struggle in the middle of the months.


Time management is very important now because I always had so many things to do in limited amount of time. We always take it for granted during school because the teachers/lecturers always give us a second chances to redeem ourselves. Clearly that does not happen in the real world. If I fail to deliver things on time it will affect the project timeline and yes that means troubles. Will be stuck from 9 to 6 at the office on weekdays and sometimes had to work overtime on weekends. Those busy life make me sometimes miss all the extra free time I'll always get during school. I found myself making time only with the people I want to be. We just do not have any time and energy to waste with the wrong people.


It is does not matter what kind of jobs you had, you still need to be at least presentable in the workplace. As much as I want to ignore this but in reality, first impression matter especially when you are in the corporate world. I found myself care about my look (clothes & make up) more since I started working compare to when I'm still a student. I am in the professional fields so definitely must act like one.

Social Life

I feel that I am not afraid on meeting new people anymore. There are much more going on in the real life. People problem and drama that you are not expecting at all. The social circle is getting smaller and smaller as it is difficult to make new friends after school. We used to be surrounded by people of similar age but well not anymore. But people just come and go and I have learned to accept that. I don't really care about it anymore, just do good and good things eventually comes after.

This are a few major things I could think of for the moments. Still have a lot more to learn and adapt. Things get hard sometimes but I just hope to get over it fast and survive just fine.

What is the new things you experience recently?