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Hidup perlu diteruskan

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To be honest, i'm totally not ready for 2014.

Felt like i have not done enough masa kat 2013.

Tu pasal la kot baru reti nak jenguk blog hari ni. But actually the main reason is internet connection kat rumah ni tak stabil. Sakit hati bila rasa rajin nak tulis something, bukak page google pun ambik masa almost 30minutes to load. Last-last capai phone main instagram. Stalk orang cantik and handsome. Tu jelah kerja sepanjang sem break ni.

Papepun, i cant turn back the time. No matter what, hidup perlu duteruskan. Kan?? The least i could do is be the better me. And always be grateful.

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