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2017 Bucket List

by - Saturday, December 31, 2016

New year is coming sooner that I expected. Time for a brand new year resolution. Start new year with a brand new energy. Here are my bucketlist that I really hope manage to be cross off by the end of 2017.

Solo Trip

This is the one thing that I really want to experience. Some may asked, why would you go alone when you can have friends or anyone tag along? Well it is definitely hard to find someone that share 90% and above, the same interest with you. If you ever find one, you are really lucky. Tie them quickly and don't let them go! Often you found yourself or the other party to give in a little bit to make the trip a success. Solo travel will give a new refreshing experience. You are in control of everything from the start till the end. There are times where we really need some me time.

Own New Gadgets

I'm planning to get a new phone, laptop and camera. Seems like too much but all three of them is equally important. It is not like I don't own one at all but the one that I had is not functioning in their full capacity. It's been years. Oh and a gopro? This one is more of a want than need. Need to work hard to afford it all. If that is too much, let me have at least one of them for next year.

Adventurous Activities

Wouldn't say that I'm a adventurous person but definitely love to challenge and push myself to the limit. That is why I need a positive and supportive people near me as inspiration and boost my confidence. I can't do it alone.

Overcome Obesity

I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself. There are so many bad things come with obesity and I do not want to fall sick due to my laziness and carelessness. Slowly but surely. It is okay not to reach a normal weight but at least stay out of obesity range.

Blood Donation

I'm really scared of blood. The sight of blood make me really uncomfortable and sick. But but but I really want to do this at least once in my life time. It is for a good cause! I think I am ready. Oh I don't even know what is my blood type is. 😅

That's all I can think right now. Till then. . .


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2 respond

  1. 1. I love solo trip, it allows me to be more grateful sometime about having friends to travel. When travelling alone, by hook or by crook we need to engage with local people or other travelers, unless we really want to be alone and get bored.

    2. Adventurous activities are totally my cup of tea :) hehe. But, I do recommend you (if for the first time) to do with friends, it maybe dangerous so you have someone to help in case of emergency.

    3. I've never been in obesity range before but being overweight, yes. And I change my lifestyle because I am scared of having those health problems that I need to take meds for my whole life. T_T To lose weight, from my personal point of view really need our determination, will and skills. Skills of not eating much but still eating. Determination and will to prevent ourselves from eating junk food or oily / fatty / processed food.

    It's hard, honestly. I am still having hard time till now. But, it worth the struggle :)

    4. Oh dear, hehe do know your blood group and also Rhesus group as well yea.

  2. 1. tu la macam it helps to force me out of my comfort zone

    2. need someone coz i dont trust myself that much hahahaha

    3. seeing my older family member suffer chronic diseases due to the unhealthy lifestyle scared me. determination tu paling susah. semoga kita kuat 💪

    4. oh ye rhesus group selalu orang ingat blood ABO je.