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Segmen: Making A Blog List by Blog Siqahiqa

by - Monday, April 09, 2018

I still prefer reading people experience on blog rather that other social media. I supposed to have a bloglist on the blog sidebar but somehow it got lost when I updated to a new template.

So here I am joining this cause she's making an updated bloglist!

Lepas ni guna bloglist siqah jelah untuk blogwalking heee.

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5 respond

  1. TQ Nisa join segmen Siqah, And good luck :) I love your idea, sila-sila guna bloglist Siqah untuk blogwalking. Hihi

  2. Selamat bersegmen yer dan semoga berjaya dapat hadiah :)
    singgah blog saya

  3. Singgah sini dari segmen yang sama :)

  4. blogwalking sini dari

  5. Salam, datang dari segmen ni..
    Done follow this blog. 😀

    Modul TMK