Inspirit in me is very excited cause the boys are back!

Suddenly nampak #INFINITE_ONLY trending kat twitter. Tengok jam dah 11.30pm ala dah lambat konon niat asal nak tunggu tepat 0000kst. Dah lama rasanya tak emosi cenggini bila layan new mv. Maybe i'm biased.

Lepas setahun. As usual, like any other infinite's songs, the new title song blend well in my ears. Totally my style yeayyyy. That is the very reason I declare myself as their fan. Muka handsome, funny character and other talents tu bonus.

The mini-album includes seven tracks in total, and features the title track The Eye (Korean title : Typhoon). Other tracks include Eternity, Air, One Day, True Love, Thank You, and Zero.

Hope they have a successful promotion period. Now just waiting silently for the other boys to drop new album anytime soon.