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10 days shinee challenge - Day 7

by - Monday, May 27, 2013

7. Why you love your bias

hah. This is really a tricky question.

Why i love him??

At first.. sebab dia handsome.

Second.. sebab dia comel.

Third.. sebab dia attractive.

hahahahaha. Semuanya sebab appearence dia. At first.

Then.. as i get to know him.. (through kaca tv and laptop of course!!) dengan personality dia yang at first pendiam and now dah boleh buat orang sakit perut gelak.. perangai taknak/takboleh kalah dia..

Makin sayang pulak. Hahahaha.

Sampai bila-bila pun saya takleh nak state the real reason why i love him. I just fall. Hahahaha.

okay, langsung tak menjawab soklan lah budak ni  -___-'

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