Dream, One Fine Day

By LdyNisa - Saturday, December 17, 2016

I really really really love pastry or bread or cakes. Feel like I could live just fine with just eating them for the rest of my life. Nowadays I'm into baking cakes with the help of google and youtube. Bread is quite hard as i am still not confident dealing with yeast. Had few failure attempt before and maybe still trauma about it.

Then it is easy to guess what is my dream right?!

Open Up a Bakery & Cafe

Of course I would love to share my happiness with others. This would be a great sharing platform to spread my love of the food to everyone. Conceptual cafe that represent me as a person. With all my favorite foods. A short term plan on this is I really need to learn all the baking and cooking hacks/tips.

Imagining all these had me excited already. Would it become reality in 10 years time?

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4 respond

  1. I love the smells of cakes & bread
    thats y be in a bakery makes me so happy...
    I just cant describe my happiness when entering bakery

    &&&&& I dream of to own a cafe too!


  2. we should be partner, I dream to open a cafe too. may our wish come true someday :)

  3. ikr the smell of fresh bake pastry argh so satisfying