10 days shinee challenge

By Nisa - Monday, December 17, 2012

1. First song you heard from them. 

2. Your bias

3. The one that ruins your bias list ;]

4. Favorite song?

5. Favorite music video

6. Favorite era

7. Why you love your bias

8. Last song you heard

9. The song that you can’t stop replaying & why

10. Why you love each and everyone of them :D

Since i bosan and have nothing to do. N saya selalu out of idea nak cerita pasal hape. I nak try buat this shinee challenge. hehehe.

Tapi bermula next week la ye :D

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1 respond

  1. jemput join GA saya..
    tamat 20 disember.
    hope awak join :)