psssst.. fangirl mode on.

Last week, SHINee is back!!!

With their 3rd album, Dream Girl. And the best thing is they bahagikan to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Chapter 1 - Misconceptions of You dah keluar last week. Chapter 2 - Misconceptions of Me will be out on April.

What does that mean?????? Two freaking comeback!!! Woooohoooo. Im a happy fangirl.

But but but, ohh my precious money is gone. Nak spend on two album bukan sikit okay. Nak-nak lagi for me yang harapkan duit belanja yang mama bagi je. Takpe sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi banyak kan?? haha.

Too much of SHINee these days. And i totally love it! :D