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Blogger New Look!

by - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ohhlalala, now blogger dah ada new look. Sumpah awkward dengan yang baru ni. Memang la dah lama dia buat preview, saya pun dah pernah try sebelum ni. But i change it back to the old one coz i feel that this new look is... too advanced for me??

Pening tak tau nak tekan yang mana satu, padahal new look ni dia buat nak menyenangkann kita kan.

Soo i guess that i should menelaah segala new function yang ada, barulah lepas ni ada feel nak menaip new entry.

Ohh saya baru habis tengok SESAME PLAYER S3 B1A4.  Hahaha last two episode dia memang lawak. My squirrel princess dah bertukar jadi squirrel prince.

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