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Dessert at Dal.komm Coffee

by - Sunday, July 31, 2016

Siapa yang layan the most famous korean drama this year, DOTS mesti tau la pasal a coffee shop tempat Captain Yoo and Seargent Seo suka lepak. Francise dia dah kat Malaysia for awhile dah. They had an outlet dekat DPluze, Cyberjaya tapi now dah tutup. So pergi the next nearest outlet IOI Mall Putrajaya la.

Sebab malaysia ni panas, bingsu sound so good banding coffee.

We order these and it cost us. .

Harga standard coffee shop yang lain. Definitely not murah but somehow reasonable.

I really like the vibe and environment. Rasa macam tak kesah lepak sini lama-lama buat assignment or kerja. Mungkin sebab tak ramai orang. Pastu ada corner dia letak ipad untuk dengar lagu. Sangat sesuai untuk anyone yang datang sendiri. Chill, have a good coffee, read and listen to some music.

They had like 4 different bingsu flavour and i think i make a great choice ambil yang ini. This is delicious, sweet sour and tak memuakkan. Sangat fit my taste of a good dessert. Saiz hidangan memang sangat sesuai untuk 3 orang makan.

This on the other hand, is very normal parfait, not really a fan of the cream. Quite mahal so it is a miss for me, not going to order this again.

Simple happiness in life : good food

Wouldn't mind coming back to taste the other desserts they have.

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