Dang SHINee make a repackage comeback so fast that i can barely catch up.

SHINee World Concert V is held in Jakarta last week. Dekat tapi jauh sigh Saya masih lagi kecewa sebab tak dapat attend. Terlalu cepat mana sempat kumpul duit. Kalau tahun depan masih boleh lagi diusahakan. Since i'm on my own now segala benda kena fikir mana boleh reckless main bantai je kelak merana.

I just received my 1of1 album around 2 weeks ago and now they released a repackaged one. Oh darl I ain't complaining cause we waited more than a year for this right. And we got BALLAD SHINee. 5 new slow song, they really want to kill me. However tak dapat la nak preorder the album sebab dah out of my budget kena la wait a while for the album.

I haven't watch the mv yet sebab masih dalam office but have seen some screenshot kat twitter. Somehow know what is going on. Just managed to listen to the audio je. This is a struggle. TELL ME WHAT TO DO!