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Dolly Dim Sum Avenue K

by - Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dah lama craving dim sum. Dolly dimsum selalu dalam my wishlist place to get dimsum sedap. Akhirnya dapat jugak makan kat sini.

Dapat je menu terus blur tak tau nak order apa. Gigih la google apa recommended dish by the others.

Finally decided the dishes after contemplating for awhile and didn't regret any of it. A good choice for our hungry stomach, nasib baik.

ni sedap setiap gigitan penuh rasa udang 

cubaan flatlay yang gagal total

So happy that my craving is satisfied sampai rasa nak tidur situ.

The price wise is pretty much the same dengan makan sushi. Environment quite okay we arrived a litle bit earlier for dinner so masih tak sesak lagi. Tapi lepas setengah jam orang keep coming and meja dah makin penuh. The only problem we had is a quite slow service. We were hungry at that time and not willing to wait more than 15 minutes for foods so masing-masing restless mana makanan ni apesal tak sampai-sampai. Semua super busy macam tak cukup pelayan je nak entertain customer. Nak settle bill pun takes about 10 minutes.

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4 respond

  1. Baru plan nk mkn kat sna bila tgk semua merembes tp bila servis slow mcm malas plak

    1. the food is nice tapi kalau sejenis tak penyabar boleh avoid datang during peak time kot

  2. Aaaaa sedapnya. I pulak craving dolly dim sum! >_<