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First Time : Shop at

by - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We were running out of skincare and desperately need to restock semuanya dari make up remover to cleanser then toner ke moisturizer.

Bila dah kerja ni je saya macam rajin sikit take care of my skin sebab pergi kerja takkan nak bare face je kan. Kalau kulit dah flawless and fresh looking takpe jugak. Kang tak pasal habis hilang segala semangat kerja colleague sebilik nak buat kerja bila terpandang my face. Dulu nak cuci muka pun ikut mood tapi sekarang ada hati tau nak try 10 steps korean skin care tu.

Been so lazy to go out and shop thing nowadays. Weekend is the only time i have to recharge energy, just me and my bed, pillow, blanket all day. So gigih la website best to buy some skincare. And glad that i found HERMO.MY

For me website dia very easy to navigate and user friendly. Quite ringan, minimal load time. All the items is nicely categories jadi senang la nak cari barang yang kita nak. Filter by price tu saya paling suka as budget is one of my important aspect when shopping kan. Dah la ada banyak pilihan brands especially asian products lepas tu selalu sangat buat sale. Oh bila nampak the price terus rasa nak add to cart every sale items. And free shipping to Semenanjung Malaysia if you bought more than two items. Yay!

I bought two items at a very great sale price. That etude house wonder pore freshener is way cheaper on the site than at the physical shop. That garnier micellar cleasing water is on sale for only RM9.90!

It took about two to three days for my order to be processed, shipped and arrived. Saya order pada malam ahad and barang sampai kat rumah hari rabu. Servis yang boleh tahan pantas and barang semua nicely packaged.

I'm a happy customer. Now kalau bosan suka tengok-tengok website dia just to see what is the new sale items. Mana tau ada my current need item tengah on sale boleh terus cepat-cepat beli.

pss not a sponsored post eh ni ikhlas dari hati 😁

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