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FT Island - I Wish MV

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

My fangirling mode is back on!!

As you know, im a Primadonna.

kyyaaaaa!!! Im really really really excited now. FT Island releases a new album, their 4th album - Five Treasure Box!!! And I Wish is the tittle song for the album. Baru je dengar sekali terus jatuh cinta. Lagu i wish tu sumpah addicting. Dah la ft island member yang compose. Kerja replay lagu tu je sejak dari tadi. Ni tulis entry ni pun ber-background music-kan lagu tu. Hahahaha.

Im in love with their music. Their taste of music memang masuk dengan jiwa saya. Tu pasal la FT Island is my favorite band.

Ni dia lagu baru FT Island. Tak rugi pun kalau dengar.   Best!!!!

ft island playlist

Album ni has a total of 10 track. Lepas saya dapat album ni and dengar semua lagu dia, kalau rajin... saya review la ye. Tapi kalau cerita pasal FT Island ni kemungkinan besar tahap kerajinan saya bertambah. Hehehehehe.

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